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Don't Design Your Book Cover Without Reading This First...

great covers sell books

The Complete Guide To Designing Non-Fiction Book Covers

Uncover Super-Smart Tricks And Industry Secrets Every Author And Self-Publisher Needs To Know About Increasing Book Sales With A Great Cover

Don't Kill Your Book Sales With A Bad Cover!

Whether you are designing your cover yourself or working with a cover designer, discover how to get the RIGHT cover design that is RIGHT for your book to promote sales.

Get inside knowledge on what it takes to grab the attention of your customers. Do not leave your cover design to chance or assume your cover designer knows what is best for your book.

Discover Cover Design Strategies

Learn about different cover design strategies to sell your book. Uncover the DO's and DON'Ts with cover design.

Save Time & Money

Discover how to save time and avoid costly mistakes. Uncover tips to reduce your expenses and keep to budget.

Attract Your Audience

Discover how to make your cover hook your target audience. Promote book sales with proven strategies.

Uncover Industry Secrets

Discover trade secrets and tips including how to get the best out of your freelance cover designers

What Industry Experts Say...

This lively, well-illustrated and eminently practical book introduces new authors and publishers to how covers can be used to sell the contents contained within them. Full of handy tips gathered from the author's own experience, it promises to be particularly helpful for self-publishers, for whom 'back-to-basics' guides like this do not yet exist in abundance.

Professor Leah Tether 

Professor of Medieval Literature and Publishing University of Bristol

With so many authors going it alone in the great self-publishing highway, this is a book that should be an essential, stashed away in your toolbox

Wanda Whiteley

 Founder and Editor, Manuscriptdoctor.co.uk

great covers sell book. - Grace Famoriyo

Fact: Your Book Will Be Judged By Its Cover!

Your Book Cover IS Your Marketing Tool

    The truth is at every stage, prospective buyers will look at your cover and within a few seconds, a decision will be made which may or may not result in a sale, interview, partnership, invitation to speak, publishing contracts, and much more.

    After a book’s subject/topic and author reputation, the cover design is the next strongest motivation for a book’s purchase. Get it right and your book has a fighting chance of success.

    Therefore, you have the task of getting both the design strategy and the resulting cover right to make it stand out amongst competing titles.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Book Needs A Great Cover

1. Today's book buyers are savvy and can decipher a good deal about your book just by its cover.

2. Unless you are a household name, have reached celebrity status or are already a bestselling author, you cannot afford to take chances with your cover. PS: Even these guys struggle at times!

3. The market is flooded with umpteen competing titles with diminished virtual or physical shelf space. This means diminished visibility of your book...unless it stands out.

The Fact Is Many Good Books (i.e. Books With Great Content) Don't Reach Their Target Audience Because Their Covers Let Them Down. 

A potential buyer should be able to tell what your book is about at first glance – positioning the book in their mind. Your cover must effectively reflect the content of the book and set the expectation of the target audience.

So whether you have a publishing contract with a traditional publisher, plan to self-publish, use a vanity or hybrid publisher, your cover needs to be a selling aid that appeals to your market audience.

Don't Put Off Your Buyers With A Poorly Designed Cover

Turn Your Book Cover Into A Sales Machine

Great Covers Sell Books - Grace Gladys Famoriyo

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